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Please Note: We DO NOT allow the unsolicited contact of our employees. You may send sales or general inquiries to  Be sure to put APA in the subject line so it is not captured by our spam filters.

To reach any of our departments, please call our main number at 800-APA-PETS and you will be directed to the proper individual.

The APA IS our employees and affiliates. The following is a partial directory of individuals that deal with the public.

Our Director welcomes your feedback on any of our team members at

Richard Werner

Marcie Sapp x27
Jason Raines x47
Wayne Palmiter  x48
Cindy Block x20
Amy Quak x21
Jackie Marklitz x24
Lou Conno x25
Mike Lopez  x26
Josh Sparr x29
Lori Williamson x49
Gary Stetler x52
Richard Perkins x53
Penn Frisby x57
Dom Izzo x58
Paul Galbreath x59
Patty McCarthy x60
Jim Probst x61
Yvonne Hilman x62
Lance Fossick x68
Nancy Sapp X70
Brenda Lutton-Coronado x71
Melissa Salazar x72
Lisa Nicholson x73
Gregg Dake x74

For all other departments, please call the Main Office at 800-272-7387            

Employee Facts

  • Before 2010 when we began an expansion, the average employee had been at the APA for 8 years.
  • The APA pays above scale and is greatly concerned about our employees well being.
  • We received 1,621 applications in 30 days when the APA Approved Program was launched in 2010.
  • Everyone in our main office, including the Director, takes lost pet calls during high call volume periods.