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APA Community Representative
( www.apaapproved.org , www.communitypetplan.org  & www.myapaonline.org )
Work from your home office and out in your local community.

The American Pet Association is looking for positive, outgoing, honest, reliable, ethical and compassionate people to represent the APA and it's programs in their communities.

The APA is very Employee/Affiliate friendly and considers our people the most important aspect of our organization. Loyal, hard working and honest people are treated with great respect in the organization and will have opportunities for advancement.

Job Description:

This position is for an American Pet Association Community Representative in your community.  This is a sales position, with numerous programs to sell, that includes networking as a Community Representative. This is also an exclusive territory position.  Territory will be as large as you can reasonably handle. More travel will be required in low population areas.

Position includes

  1. Being Involved in pet activities in your community as the APA Representative (networking). This is optional, however highly recommended.

    Activities include visiting existing Pet Events, hosting APA Pet Events after 1 year (a compensated activity) and others.

  2. Facility Enrollment in the APA Approved Program The APA Approval Department approves products, services and businesses that maintain the APA's high standards. This approval helps to increase the quality of service from businesses and reliability of pet products for pet owners. Position includes contacting pet related businesses, in person, for the purpose of becoming APA Approved.  Representative will be responsible for initial screening according to APA standards and compensated separately to inspect a business.

    Businesses you will visit include Groomers, Veterinarians, Kennels, Pet Walkers, Pet Sitters, Pet Stores, Pet Day Care and other pet related businesses.

  3. After 6 months you will have the option to receive a review and determine eligibility to represent Community enrollment in the Community Pet Plan. The CPP helps communities such as apartment complexes, condos, neighborhoods, dorms, etc. to manage pet ownership so both pet owners and not pet owners receive benefits. The APA provides Pet Owner Agreement, and Non Pet Owner Statement, Rules of the Road, Community Pet Maps, Waste Stations and pet related problem mediation. This provides a more comfortable atmosphere for both pet owners and non pet owners while allowing the facility the financial benefit of welcoming pet owners.

    Businesses you will visit include Apartment Complexes, Condominiums, Retirement Communities, Subdivisions, etc.

This position is unique as the representative will not be required, or allowed, to use high pressure sales techniques. Businesses are very interested in this opportunity and hard closing is not required, only education of the benefits of being APA Approved. However, proper, ethical sales techniques, follow up and experience is necessary.

Your responsibilities include, finding, contacting, meeting with and enrolling pet businesses, humane agencies and communities.

The APA has the highest standards in the pet industry and a spotless reputation.
Only individuals with high ethics and standards should apply for this position. In addition, you should be highly self motivated.

Position may lead to Coach or Regional Director and a salaried position.

Support: Qualifications - Required Skills: Desired Skills:

Full training. 
Program materials. 
APA Approved Shirts (Bill Blass, etc).
Business Cards.
Daily email, IM and phone support.
Comprehensive Affiliate Web site
Exclusive Territories

Professional personal appearance and friendly personality.
Professional attitude and standards.
Basic computer skills.
Self motivated
Love of companion animals and humane in their treatment.
Community Involvement.
Leadership skills.
Computer knowledge, Windows, Access, Word.
Creativity and ability to adapt to future positions.
Desire to excel and achieve personal financial security.



Initially, base salary is not available for this position as it is not directly supervised. 

Base salary and advancements can be available for full time personnel after 1 year, based on performance.

You are paid three ways; To enroll a business, to inspect a business and for expenses, based on productivity.

You receive:

$75.00 for each business you inspect

$25.00 for expenses (paid for each business you enroll)

15-25% commission for each business you enroll (based on productivity, see below)

Pay is based on production (commission) as an independent sales representative.

The following is the standard commission structure.

Minimum production to maintain the position as follows:


Production can be greatly affected by your personal skills and the local population and economy, however these programs are very well respected and received.

Work Hours:

Any hours within 9am - 5pm M-Su

Career Path:

Promotion to Coach or Regional Director is possible.
Position could include overseeing area program operations and employees.
Other advancements and benefits possible.

This position requires a fully refundable investment by the Affiliate as follows:

Certified APA Approval Representative Course (online) - $20.00

Certified Facility Inspector Course (online) - $20.00

Start up package - $36.00

  • Attaché bag

  • APA Approved Shirt

  • Brochures

  • Applications

  • Feedback Cards

Entire $66.00 costs are refunded when the Affiliate enrolls their first business.

Shirts have been upgraded to Polo or button down

The APA is a growing organization with plenty of work to be done. 
Our employees have always been proud of their jobs and the work they do.

The APA is very proud of it's spotless, positive and professional reputation.

All APA representatives must be positive, and highly professional
and of course love and appreciate our companion animals.

Please fill out our Online Application to begin the process of becoming an APA Approval Representative!